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====== Plain Text Authentication Backend ======

This backend uses a plain text file //conf/users.auth.php// to store user information and passwords. Passwords are stored using one way encryption (aka. hashing).

This is the default backend.

===== Configuration =====

The backend will be enabled with the [[config:authtype]] configuration option

<code php>$conf['authtype'] = "plain";</code>

(this should be in your conf/local.php )

===== File Format =====

Empty lines, and everything after a ''#'' character are ignored. Each line contains a colon separated array of 5 fields which are:

* **Login** - This has to be a valid [[:pagename]]

* **Password** - Encrypted password. The encryption method can be anything accepted by [[config:passcrypt|passcrypt option]] (DokuWiki will autodetect the used encryption)

* **Real Name** - Real name of the user

* **E-Mail** - Email address of user

* **Groups** - Comma separated list of groups a user is member of. The group names must follow the rules of valid [[:pagename]]s.

To create MD5 hash values from a string you could use the script [[|encode/decode]]. Due to the much better built-in functions of DokuWiki this script is deprecated and only stored here for nostalgia.


<code>andi:ece23254502f07722a98aa5b7c70baa6:Andreas Gohr:[email protected]:admin,users,upload</code>

===== Editing =====

Since //conf/users.auth.php// is a plain text file, it can be edited with any text editor.

© Андреас Гор и сообщество «ДокуВики». License: CC Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported