Direction (s), the four, and the elements (Warriors' Experience)

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Theun, I noticed that in working with A. on alternative energy you assign Water to the West and Fire to the South. Yet in all your books you assign Water to the South and Fire to the West (for example page 170 of Vol. IV - the five elements of the one power). I am not assuming anything but I felt I need to ask why is that? I know there are no contradictions."


Thank you for reminding me because I forgot to explain this to A. LAMOF!

The way I give it in the books is correct, because in the books I place the accent on true magic, which is a principle of Life, and not on the practices of sorcery, which is man-made. In the books I also explain that true magic, as opposed to sorcery, is an act of intent. In other words, the Toltec works with all 5 elements, the fifth being intent. And when we work with intent included, then Water is in the South and Fire is in the West, for this is the way in which Life itself set it up.

However, in the books I also hint at the fact that although Toltecs do not practice sorcery, yet sorcery is very much part of our knowledge, and therefore exists within the scope of Toltecs. What I did not elaborate upon in the books, because I wished to keep the books as SIMPLE as possible, is the fact that there nevertheless ARE some very useful practices of sorcery which Toltecs still use to this day. And one of these is Elemental Conjuring. Note the difference between magic and conjuring. Magic is an act of intent, whereas sorcery is an act of MANIPULATING forces and energy.

Now here comes the part that often causes confusion when the difference between magic and conjuring is not fully grasped. In magic we use intent to materialise what we have dreamed in, but there is NO manipulation of anything in using intent, for intent, as I have often enough explained, is a quality of the Dreamer, and therefore CANNOT be manipulated, although it CAN be initiated, focused and directed. In this case we find Water in the South and Fire in the West, Air in the East and Earth in the North. BUT.........the moment we make ANY attempt at MANIPULATING any of the four elements that CAN be manipulated, we find that the East and the North remain constant, but that the West takes on the QUALITY of Water, whereas the South takes on the QUALITY of Fire. Notice that it is NOT the ELEMENT that has moved position, but rather that the ELEMENTS Water and Fire take on the QUALITY of one another. In other words they MIRROR for one another!

Toltecs are not entirely sure about why this is, but from the little we do know is that in working with only the four elements representative of the four directions, that is the four-fold purpose of the Unspeakable, intent is the one all-pervasive force that both DEFINES as well as DESCRIBES the other four elements, and as such is the force which IS, but which is also NOT. Or in much simpler terms, intent is not only responsible for the existence of the four elements, but also indwells them, pervades them, and therefore it is IMPLICIT in the four directions and therefore not "present" as a fifth force whilst working with only the four directions. This is a phenomenon which is still puzzling orthodox science today, and which was first revealed through the means of Quantum Mechanics, in which it was noticed that the WILL of the experimenter affects the outcome of the experiment. What is not understood is that WILL is the human equivalent of the Dreamer's INTENT, and therefore in experiments WILL and INTENT interact to affect the outcome of the experiment! And it is this SAME principle at work in sorcery.

So whenever the sorcerer, or the Toltec for that matter, starts to work with the elements in elemental conjuring, or more precisely, elemental WEAVING, the South, which is the place of the nagal because it IS the place of THE Nagal, we find that the South, Water, now takes on the QUALITY of Fire, that is, the quality of FEELING, whilst the West, Fire, takes on the quality of Water, that is WARMTH. What is most interesting about all this, and how Toltecs first learned about it, is that man does this unconsciously in his day to day actions, without ever thinking about it! And it is principally because of this reason why Toltecs maintain that the human being is instinctively drawn to black magic and sorcery. LOL!

The easiest way in which to grasp this is to remember that Fire is the CLOSEST we can get to DEFINING pure spirit, that is, the Nagal. And therefore we speak about the three fires, namely, Electric Fire, Solar Fire and Fire by Friction. And so in the "absence" of INTENT, as in elemental conjuring, the QUALITY of Fire, FEELING, takes the place of Intent, and therefore "manifests" in the South, the place of the nagal. So it is NOT that Water has moved away from the South, but rather that it takes on the quality of FEELING which actually belongs to the West, Fire. And Fire in the West, takes on the quality of WARMTH, which actually belongs to the South, Water.

But by now you can see how these two elements, Fire and Water, mirror for one another, that is, feeling and warmth respectively. And in this respect it is not incorrect to say that in elemental conjuring, or in mapping out the Unknown, we have to FEEL our way in the dark of the Unknown, and hence "feeling warmth!" We even have the odd expression in English of saying to someone who is trying to figure out a riddle, "You are getting warm," meaning that the person is beginning to discover the truth. And this is EXACTLY what happens during all forms of elemental conjuring. The first thing one becomes aware of is FEELING an increase in warmth, which gradually becomes a very REAL heat which can become SO intense that it is actually experienced PHYSICALLY! LOL! I have been present in Free Masonic meetings where the temperature in the room has risen to the point of everyone sweating, whilst the actual ambient temperature in the room as measured by a thermometer, was fairly cool! LOL!

One last point which I should also clarify here concerns the predilections of nagals, for as you know, these can be for any one of the four directions.

But once again here we are dealing with only the four directions, and as all nagals are ACTIVE beings, in that they WORK with the elements in manipulating the perceptions of those whom they train, we have the same principle coming into play as in elemental conjuring.

So those nagals with a predilection for the East, Air, are the Philosophic nagals whose strengths lie in Sobriety. Those nagals with a predilection for the North, Earth, are the Pragmatic nagals, whose fort├й is Action. Those with a predilection for the West, Fire, are the Occult nagals, whose strengths lie in working with Feeling, and those with a predilection for the South, Water, are the Mystic nagals, whose strengths lie in working with Warmth.

But in PRACTICE what happens is that the Mystic nagals in focusing on Warmth very quickly start to weave Fire, and vice versa, in that the Occult nagals have an equally natural ability to weave Water in working with Feeling. The end result is that both Mystic and Occult nagals more often than not end up being highly proficient in both directions, and so much so that in all practical matters Mysticism is regarded as being under the dominion of Fire, whilst Occultism is regarded as being under the dominion of Water.

So to summarise very briefly. The elements as given in the books are correct, namely, Air in the East, Earth in the North, Water in the South and Fire in the West. But in the act of perception, and therefore also in all forms of elemental conjuring which is the manipulation of the act of perception, Water and Fire mirror each other's qualities, so that to all intents and purposes, Water becomes Feeling, and Fire becomes Warmth.

As I said earlier, Toltecs are not entirely sure of why this happens, or of how exactly it happens, but it nevertheless does happen. And it is for this reason that most schools of thought pertaining to the esoteric sciences simply, although erroneously so, places Water in the West and Fire in the South.

With all my love,