Direction (s), the four, and emotions (Warriors' Experience)

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into Russian: Четыре направления и эмоции (Воинский Опыт). Translated in draft, editing and proof-reading required.
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Can all things that appear as a quartet be associated with the 4 directions? For example, the four emotions, or the four elements of the Warriors Shield. If so, is it worth considering that which each directions shares? I have spent some time trying to place the 4 emotions onto the four directions, basing the placement on the other contents of each direction and the definition of each emotion, but get stuck flip flopping fear and anger on the vertical axis, while joy and melancholy seem to have a natural place on the horizontal.


ALL quartets are representative of the four-fold purpose of the Unspeakable, namely, the four directions. So you are correct in seeing that you can build up a list of correspondences by working in this way. And this is VERY good, for the Law of Correspondences reveals MUCH knowledge that would otherwise be missed.

Anger is in the East; fear is in the north; joy is in the south; and melancholy is in the West. You will find more references to this in Volume V if you follow the Law of Correspondences.

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