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Youth Organization Falanster, is a brunch of Creative Commons in Belarus aimed to popularize Creative Commons public licenses.

For this purpose, we contribute to research and application of legal mechanisms allow overcome copyright barriers

We hold an interest in discovering this issue through public events, such as contests, open lectures, discussions, reading and educational materials.


The area of activities of our brunch for 2014-2015 is described as follows:

Short description

From the Law on Copyright (copyright) it follows that everything that is not granted by the author (right owner ) is restricted.

On the Internet such problem is aggravated by the fact that it is hard to find a right owner and negotiate a use of his creation even in noncommercial purposes.
There is a scope of licenses which allow authors and right owners grant part of their rights to the content users.

However, we cannot entirely benefit from the potential of public licenses in Belarus.
It is necessary to explore the needs of authors and content creators, as well as users, in order to change the current situation.

To examine public licensing in Belarus and to develop conditions for their implementation.


To explore the demands of both interested parties (authors and users).

To inform communities and public on current standing.

Draft changes into the Copyright Law.


Legal and academic research.

Distribution of results, public presentation of the research and a discussion.

Drafting new Copyright Law and a petition.

First step. Research

Compilation of the question from the people interested in the area of public licensing.

Communication with public authorities on the subject of the place of public licenses in legislation.

Consultations with lawyers, academics, search for answers to the compiled questions.

Exploring international practices

Second step. Discussion

Open access publication of the results from the research.

Running events featuring interested parties (government authorities, organizations, art communities, authors, etc.)

Online discussions of different Copyright Law project proposals.

Third step. Contact

Drafting of alternative law for the application of public licenses in Belarus and online petitions.

Publication of draft law and promotion of petitions.

Make the legislative authorities aware of the draft law and petitions.

What tools, people, resourses we are looking for:

Legal advice - EUR 300-500

Licenses translation EUR 200

Premises for holding presentations for 30-40 people - EUR 200

Online platform set up and support - EUR 200

Budget: EUR 1050 or the skills and time from people

Expected results (2014-2015)

Creative Commons licenses are translated into Belarusian.

Having compilation of questions on public licensing done.

Having a round-table featuring interested parties on amendments to the Copyright Law held

Having draft law using crowdsourcing done

Having 1000 signatures in favour of new proposals collected.

*Presentation on copyright issues


Useful links

Official wiki-page of the Creative Commons organisation branch in Belarus

About Creative Commons organisation in Wikipedia.

Research of CC in Belarus

Presentation about correspondence with officials

Original resource for pictures the document head


© Фаланстер

Original (Russian): Cвободные знания (рус - english)

Translation: © anastasia-av, rizoma, violence .

License: CC BY-SA 3.0 crowd

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