Courier (s), nature of (Warriors' Experience)

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Am I correct in thinking that the REAL challenge for a male Courier married to a female in his direction lies in intelligent co-operation rather than in the challenges arising out of the normal male-female relationship?


Intelligent co-operation is NEVER easy at the best of times, but it is absolutely VITAL to perfect within ALL areas of life, and nowhere is this MORE clear to see than within marriage between male and female! However, between a Courier and a female this becomes an even bigger challenge, simply because of the Relative Factor of Awareness that comes into play, and that CANNOT be changed in any way!

To understand this it is important to realise that the Courier, and I am here speaking about the MALE Courier, is in a RECEPTIVE incarnation, meaning that although male, a courier is nevertheless in the RECEPTIVE role towards Life! But to make this MORE clear! When we are in a MALE incarnation, irrespective of direction other than Courier, our PRIMARY challenge is to LEARN what it MEANS to be the physical plane representative of the Spirit by BEING the ACTIVE pole of the Dreamer. The PRIMARY challenge of the male Courier, on the other hand, is to learn what it MEANS to be in the RECEPTIVE role towards Life whilst still being the physical plane representative of the Spirit. This is accomplished by BEING an ACTIVE-NEGATIVE pole! This may sound like a contradiction in terms, but I will try to explain.

See the MALE as being POSITIVE or ACTIVE.


See the COURIER as being POSITIVE-NEGATIVE or as ACTIVE-RECEPTIVE, which is the representative of the TRUE Hermaphrodite.

From this it follows that whenever we are in incarnation as either MALE or as FEMALE we are evolving only the ONE pole of that polarity we term the Dreamer! In other words, whilst the sexes remain SPLIT, as they will be until the end of TIME, we can ONLY experience life from the angle of the one or the other pole during any one lifetime.

But since our directions upon life are ALSO fixed for all TIME, our evolution would be GREATLY impaired and lopsided if it were NOT for the MIRACLE incarnation we term the "Wild Card," namely, the Courier. Therefore whenever we are in incarnation as a Courier we have the OPPORTUNITY of temporarily RE-UNITING the poles or the sexes to a degree within ourselves. The advantage in this is that we do NOT lose sight of what it is we ARE working towards, which is, of course, the TIME when ALL of the UNKNOWN will have been mapped out, and we can once again re-unite the poles, including the sexes.

What all of this means in PRACTICAL terms is that because the Courier is in a role that is both ACTIVE as well as RECEPTIVE, he constantly swings between being ACTIVE and being RECEPTIVE. What this implies is that the Courier is as comfortable in the MALE role as he is in the FEMALE role, yet by this I am NOT referring to sexual preference, but to STATES OF AWARENESS. However, as I have already explained, even WHEN in the Male role, the Courier is STILL in a RECEPTIVE role relative to Life, meaning that RELATIVE to both the MALE as well as the FEMALE, the Courier is by NATURE RECEPTIVE to the NEEDS of BOTH. Being essentially RECEPTIVE, the role of the Courier is FEMININE RELATIVE to both Male and Female!

It should now be somewhat clearer that in terms of marriage this constitutes a most difficult challenge, for unless BOTH the female as well as the Courier are FULLY AWARE ALL the time of what is transpiring between them, the female will quite unconsciously ASSUME the male role, and the Courier the role of the Little Boy! From this it follows that unless the female is UTTERLY WILLING to BE the TRUE female, and the Courier is likewise utterly WILLING to BE the male that is RECEPTIVE to the NEEDS of BOTH the male within HIM, AS WELL as the female in the woman, the wheels must and will come off again and again! The RISK inherent within the Courier being TRUE to his NATURE as Courier is that the female CAN take advantage of this fact by becoming ever more DEMANDING that HER needs be fulfilled, with the result that the Courier can become SO RECEPTIVE to the needs of the female he is married to, by ignoring the male within him, that he becomes, to all intents and purposes, "female."

I trust this guidance has helped to make this rather difficult-to-grasp aspect of the teachings somewhat more understandable.