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CouchDB: The Definitive Guide

Time to Relax

CouchDB: The Definitive Guide

About the Book

This is the home of a free O’Reilly Media book about Apache CouchDB.

The book is designed to guide you gently through using CouchDB with clear but practical scenarios. We progressively showcase key features, starting with simple document CRUD, working through to advanced MapReduce, and culminate with deployment tuning for performance and reliability.

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This book is a work in progress. The number of chapters linked below reflect our progress.

We’re mainly looking for high level commentary on the topics covered and on our clarity, tone, and pacing. Our editor will take care of spelling and other nitpicks.

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Part I. Introduction

01. Why CouchDB?

02. Eventual Consistency

03. Getting Started

04. The Core API

Part II. Developing with CouchDB

05. Design Documents

06. Finding Your Data with Views

07. Validation Functions

08. Show Functions

09. Transforming Views with List Functions

Part III. Example Application

10. Standalone Applications

11. Managing Design Documents

12. Storing Blog Posts in Documents

13. Displaying Blog Posts with Shows

13. Viewing Lists of Blog Posts

Part IV. Deploying CouchDB

17. Scaling Basics

18. Replication

19. Conflict Management

20. Load Balancing

21. Clustering

Part VI. Reference

25. Change Notifications

26. Views for SQL Jockeys

27. Security

28. High Performance

29. Recipes

Part VI. Appendix

A. Installing on Unix-like systems

B. Installing on Mac OS X

C. Installing on Windows

D. Installing from Source

F. JSON Primer

G. The Power of B-Trees

Copyright 2009, J. Chris Anderson, Jan Lehnardt & Noah Slater

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