Control, the shortcoming, ARTICLE ON (Warriors' Journeys)

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into Russian: Контролирование, как недостаток статья (Путешествия Воинов). Translated in draft, editing and proof-reading required.
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Obsession with the need to control is the active shortcoming that arises from the Jewel 24, Fear.

Toltecs never work directly with the dark jewels, but only with their manifestations, which reveal themselves as our shortcomings. However, working with our shortcomings, and the resulting patterns of behaviour set up through our lives, gives us more than enough material.

The roots of many of our behaviour patterns can invariably be traced back to our shortcomings. And it is the transmutation of our shortcomings that yields our freedom. Thus Toltecs say; "Your weaknesses are your unrealised potentials, for your shortcomings are your passage to power and your ticket to freedom."

Since our shortcomings are with us for life, transmutation effectively means turning the shortcoming around, so that it is life supportive, and works for us - as well as those around us - instead of against everyone concerned.

For example, looking at the shortcoming of obsession with the need to control, one of the positive aspects is that one becomes hyper-alert to every possibility, as well as every nuance within a situation, or whole range of situations. Through learning to stalk oneself, instead of using the knowledge at hand to control, one can instead use it to take action more effectively and swiftly. Through being aware of the intricacies of a situation, one is also well-placed to develop a strategy for handling the situation - a strategy that does not involve control, but the ability to formulate a course of action that takes into account a myriad disparate details. Therefore a person with obsession with the need to control as a shortcoming can, in time, learn to become a great strategist!