CHAPTER 9 - Breakthrough

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Part of "My Big TOE" book by Tom Campbell. We're translating it with author's permission. In this chapter Tom Campbell tells his story of working with Robert Monroe.

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One day while I was at work, Dennis dropped by and showed me an article he had found in the October 1973 Scientific American. It was a short article, by Gerald Oster, titled “Auditory Beats in the Brain” that described a phenomenon called “binaural beats.” Simply put, if a pure tone of say 100 Hz was put in one of your ears, and a pure tone of 104 Hz in your other ear, you would perceive a 4 Hz beat frequency along with the 100 and 104 Hz tones. Dennis waited while I read it. “Let’s try that at the lab,” he said. “Sure, why not?” I replied. Dennis had been gathering information on the binaural beat phenomena for some months and had created a binaural beat audio-tape for us to experiment with. Our hope was that the beat frequency, occurring in the corpus callosum between the brain’s hemispheres, would drive the brainwaves.

Dennis’ intuition was correct. The binaural beats obviously affected our state of consciousness. During the next week we begged, borrowed, and bought the necessary equipment to expand our experiments. Bob had gone out of town for a week or two; subsequently, we experimented with the effect of binaural beats on altered state of consciousness on our own. After a week of trial and error experimenting, we were more excited about the possibilities. The effect was powerful. Using the binaural beat to entrain brainwaves as measured by the EEG was a fact. The effect on one’s state of consciousness was dramatic. Bob came back and we started testing what this technology could do. The good news was that by trial and error we were able to significantly optimize the effect we were looking for. The better news was it seemed to work as well on everybody as it did on us. Now we had a technique for putting people with no training into specific altered states of consciousness, at will, on demand, with consistent results.

We focused on the 4 Hz beat and created a set of audiotapes that guided the listener into what Bob called “Nonphysical Matter Reality” (NPMR). “Physical Matter Reality” (PMR) contained my body, the lab, the house where I lived, and my daytime job. Once in NPMR, the fun began. Now we had the potential to collect evidence that would be based on a much larger sample of subjects. As we gained experience with more people, we continually improved the effectiveness of the audiotapes. In about eight months we were ready for the world to give us a try. Bob put out the word that we needed a limited number of guinea pigs to try out our binaural-beat brainwave entrainment techniques for facilitating the projection of one’s consciousness into the nonphysical as an aware operational entity. The response was overwhelming.

Soon, Bob was booking every room at the nearby Tuckahoe Motel. The Tuckahoe management, having seen better times, agreed to let us string wires throughout their facility. Dennis and I had a lot to do before the big weekend when we would discover if our methodology was as effective as we thought it was. We expected about twenty totally naive subjects – and we planned to keep them that way by telling them nothing. We did not want to lead their reactions and experiences by giving them any expectations.

Building mobile measuring equipment and audio equipment for large groups was a challenge. We barely made our deadlines by working evenings and weekends for three weeks, but with the help of Bill Yost and Bob’s stepdaughter, Nancy Lea Honeycutt, we had the equipment installed, checked out, and ready to go late in the afternoon of the last day. What a panic! In a parallel activity, Nancy Lea, who had joined our research team after her graduation from college, orchestrated and administered all the necessary arrangements. Somehow, at the last moment, everything pulled together. It was worth it. During Friday night, all day Saturday, and half of Sunday, the attendees had the time of their life. There were so many paranormal happenings that weekend that we had a difficult time getting them all recorded. These naive subjects were reading numbers in sealed envelopes, remote viewing, manifesting lights in the sky, visiting their relatives, reading next week’s newspaper headlines, and much more. It was a circus! Fun, but exhausting. Dennis, Nancy Lea, and I ran the show, with visits from Bob off and on throughout the weekend.

We collected lots of solid evidential data – the results were more dramatic than we had expected. Things were never the same after that. When word got out about the effectiveness of Monroe’s program, Bob was swamped with requests from people of all sorts wanting to participate. Bob began to see the makings of a business and Dennis and I, along with Nancy Lea, became trainers more than researchers.