Перевод "CHAPTER 6 A Model of Reality and Time - The Big Computer (TBC). (78)"

Tom Campbell, “CHAPTER 6 A Model of Reality and Time - The Big Computer (TBC). (78)”, public translation into Russian from English More about this translation.

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CHAPTER 6 A Model of Reality and Time - The Big Computer (TBC). (78)

We have previously discussed the likely origins of an immense digital computational capacity based upon binary reality cells that are the fundamental constituent of aware consciousness or mind. In Section 2 (Chapters 26, 27, and 28 of Book 1) you learned how and why AUO would naturally evolve binary (distorted vs. non-distorted) reality cells in support of organizing and exploring (in the evolutionary sense) increasing complexity and developing awareness. You also learned how AUM would further refine its computational and memory part to develop intention, move from dim awareness to bright awareness, and to implement and track its gedanken experiments in consciousness.

CR - Awareness cannot grow, progress, learn, or evolve past a very rudimentary level without the organizing influence of time. The words “learn” and “grow” imply the passage, or incrementing of time – there must exist a before state and an after state if awareness, or any system for that matter, has the potential to learn or grow. The notion of the possibility of change is dependent upon the existence of at least a rudimentary time. As you will soon see, our discrete (quantized) time-based reality has evolved (has been designed) to provide us with an opportunity to learn, and to provide AUM with optimized results from its gedanken experiments concerning the optimization of evolutionary process.

CR - The complex configuration of digital energy (organization) and self-organizing process we call consciousness forms the foundation of reality in the form of an interactive consciousness-evolution fractal ecosystem simulation where what is actual and what is simulated are one and the same.

CR - You can conceptualize TBC as a tiny piece of the computational and memory part of AUM that is used, among other things, to actualize and maintain the reality of OS and its offspring. For the purpose of explaining consciousness, quantized time (past, present, and future), time travel, free will, rule-sets, space-time, precognition, telepathic communication, remote viewing, ego, love and much more in this model of reality, I evoke only those attributes of this celestial computer that our PMR computers have. In other words, this super computer in NPMRN that I have assumed into existence primarily differs from the functional computer on our desktops by size (memory), computational speed, reliability, and reasonably good software – that’s all.

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