CHAPTER 3-16 - I Can’t Believe I Read the Whole Thing. Uncle Tom, Pass the Antacid Please

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into Russian: Глава 3-16. Не могу поверить, что прочитал всю книгу! Дядюшка Том, где у вас средство от изжоги?. 50% translated in draft.
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My Big TOE was written to allow me to share the tentative results of my explorations with you. It is in the style of a personal conversation between you and your eccentric Dutch uncle – strange old Uncle Tom. The informal tone and use of humor reflects how I normally relate, one-on- one, with good friends who want to know, and whose eyes have not yet begun to glaze over. This approach is calculated to maintain interest and to minimize the wow and gee whiz effects.

I could have made a more serious, formal, erudite presentation that would have been much more intellectually impressive – like the typical book authored by some hot-shot scientist from the prestigious University of Tough Love with an impressive string of cryptic letters after his name. Something like this: Dr. Uncle Tom, B.S., I.M.S., Ur.D. where BS is self-explanatory and S and D imply smart and dumb respectively – at least that’s the message intentionally left lurking between the lines. Trying to be impressive or worse yet, seeing yourself as actually being impressive is, in the Big Picture, equivalent to having a lobotomy.

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be a doctor, lawyer, executive, high ranking military officer, government manager, politician, or university professor to get a lobotomy – but if you are one of these supremely impressive individuals, you get to go immediately to the front of the line, no questions asked. Don’t giggle, that is no small advantage – there is always a very long line at Lobotomy Central.

Appearing impressive is something you should always carefully avoid – even if you must act a little silly sometimes. Silly mixed in equal measure with down-home and funky is always a sure winner in the “oh, it’s only you” sweepstakes. Avoiding actually being impressive is exceedingly simple for most of us while avoiding the appearance of being impressive requires a more concentrated effort on our part.

It is important that you do not take the attitude that serious progress along the Path of Knowledge is only available to the special few. That it is beyond your practical reach – only for robed gurus who dedicate their life to the pursuit of spiritual perfection or Ph.D. physicists who are so far out in the esoteric ether that even they have no idea what they are talking about. Nothing could be further from the truth. You can succeed superbly without changing your outward life-style very much. You should know that I am a regular down-to-earth guy with a job, a wife, young kids, multiple dogs, birds, marsupials and snakes; one cat, two old cars, a whopping mortgage, and last but not least, a very strange sense of humor.

Personal spiritual progress does not require disengagement; it does not require a high and lofty demeanor, or a serious superior-to-thou attitude. Clearly, those attributes indicate a lack of spiritual progress, a deficiency of consciousness quality. Unfortunately, people have a natural tendency to place those they think know more than they do on a pedestal – and denigrate their own worth or progress by comparison. This is a belief trap that makes progress much less likely. You will evolve more quickly by tossing out the Great Guru and seriously working on your own, than by hanging out with the Great Guru in lieu of doing serious work on your own. Quality of consciousness is, for the most part, not gained through association or by osmosis.

Placing others on pedestals is nonproductive and makes you feel less competent by comparison. Do not fall into this energy and incentive destroying belief trap.

Natural and simple processes usually work the best. It is my hope that being “one of us” in language and style will reach more folks than informal and corny will lose. I am betting on the likelihood that many people will listen more openly and less defensively to their Dutch uncle. More importantly, it is clear that the minimum number of readers will get trapped by the wow effect if the delivery is straightforward, humorous, and informal. That gives the uncle-dude a more effective place from which to communicate and share whatever I think might be of value to you.

Those turned-off or lost for want of a serious, intellectual, top expert demeanor are probably too far gone into the depths of ego and self-referential belief traps to get much from My Big TOE anyway. It all works out. What you end up with is: Funky Physics for the Rest of Us – a personal tour through reality with your Dutch uncle. I hope the style, tone, and humor was as good for you as it was for me. Self-important professional stuffed shirts and pompous professor types will need to descend to a more common level to ferret out the few Big TOE golden nuggets that happen to be color coordinated with their egos and career goals. If that is too painful a condescension, they can always watch TV instead.

Looking and acting normal and being normal can be two separate things. The point is: You can seriously and successfully pursue the Path of Knowledge, the path of consciousness quality evolution, of spiritual development and continue to carry on with your normal life. Sure, there will be lots of changes, but none that require you to step dramatically out of your lifestyle as an initial investment in future growth. The quality and evolution of your consciousness is not dependent on the form of your physical existence. However, the quality of your physical existence depends absolutely on the quality of your consciousness.

Because most, if not all, of the people we know who are successfully pursuing a spiritual path or path of personal growth are not normally immersed in our Western techno-culture, we believe incorrectly that family, jobs, and mortgages are incompatible with a serious bid for enlightenment (understanding and living the Big Picture at a deep level). Likewise, because we have a small, half-formed picture of what consciousness quality or spiritual progress means, we believe that dropping out of the mainstream (becoming monks, priests, nuns, living in solitary places, joining spiritually focused organizations, performing rituals, wearing funny clothes, or severing material connections) must be required: They are not.

The form of your material involvement with the local reality is not important. How you interact with that environment, how you relate with others, what you make of the available choices and opportunities – that is important – and that can be done anywhere under a wide range of circumstances that includes Western culture and lifestyles. Do not let these two belief traps (the wow-effect and the drop-out blues) discourage you from setting out on a quest to evolve the quality of your consciousness.

When you hear others use these erroneous beliefs as excuses for why they cannot successfully pursue a more spiritual path, first shout: Copout!, and then, Bullpucky! Next, apologize for your rude uncontrolled outburst. Finally, explain with great empathy and compassion why nothing is required to change but them, and that creating the right environment first typically retards progress by inadvertently putting the cart in front of the horse, causing energy to be focused on issues of minor importance. Successful learning does not flow from the right environment – the right environment flows from successful learning. The environment that is most important with regards to your growth is the one in your head. The appropriate physical environment will form on its own.

The West, unlike the East, has not evolved its own distinct cultural processes to support the evolution of individual consciousness. When and if it does, dropping out of the mainstream will not be a requirement. In the West, neither our religious nor our secular processes are designed to help individuals outgrow the belief traps that dramatically limit their potential growth. To the contrary, our Western institutions foster, support, and demand, an array of limiting beliefs with great gusto. The same is true in Eastern cultures.

Westerners are especially proud of their logical and scientific ways. That Western attitudes and processes are often belief based and not as logical and scientific as they appear to us through our tinted cultural glasses, is obvious to many who live outside Western culture.

Nevertheless, the Path of Knowledge, the warrior’s path, the relentless pursuit of truth, the application of logic and the intellect in the service of consciousness evolution are right down our Western alley. Progress on the Path of Knowledge depends upon rational process. Rational process is where the Western worldview supposedly shines – the one thing Western culture prides itself on more than any other. We of the West thrive on rational process. In fact, we are so obsessively committed to rational process that everything we do is construed to be the result of a rational process whether it is or not. We simply define it to be that way! If we do it, we can somehow justify it as a rational and logical process; at least the men can, the ladies often know better.

Ahhh…so close, yet so far away! A decided spiritual advantage lies unseen and thus unused. The Path of Knowledge is not well worn by Western feet. We of Western attitude live with and enjoy the material advantages, regret or do not see the spiritual disadvantages, and for the most part entirely miss the spiritual advantages. Every culture has its advantages and disadvantages. Because you must live with all the disadvantages of your culture, it is a shame to allow self-imposed belief-blindness to deny you access to some of your culture’s more significant advantages.

Hopefully, My Big TOE has occasionally prodded you out of your habitual no-brainer comfort zone, or at least challenged your mind with a few new concepts. Perhaps you have taught yourself a thing or two in the process of struggling with the unusual ideas found here. That you end up agreeing, disagreeing, or better yet undecided, is not important. That there was some mental motion, some stirring about within an open mental space – that is important – and if the motion, the seeking, continues for a long time, that is even more important.

Whether or not your Big TOE is correct or flawed, diminutive or great, is also not important as long as it is moving you in the right general direction. Because an individual’s Big TOE must be perpetually in a state of growth, improvement, and evolution, the motion part is easy. Maintaining your heading in the correct general direction is also easy for committed, honest pudding tasters. If you start growing a big TOE and continually progress it in the right general direction, you will eventually end up with the Big TOE; that is why it is more important to get serious and get going than it is to make sure you are doing it absolutely right. From the perspective of PMR, the process of reducing entropy within your consciousness has many valid approaches. It is a naturally convergent process that will take you from wherever you are to where you need to be. Regardless of what direction you initially take, if you are serious and persistent, you will eventually end up with the same result. Some paths are simply more or less efficient depending on the individual.

The important thing is to start. Your understanding does not need to be perfect as long as it is constantly and consistently converging on rightness. That your Big TOE enables you to focus your energy on the task of growing toward a higher quality of consciousness is the critical ingredient of eventual success. Your constantly updated Big TOE should be the central part of your continual process of converging on perfection, correctness, enlightenment, and love.

If reading My Big TOE has caused you to grapple with your beliefs in the context of a larger reality and induced you to come to any helpful tentative conclusions about the quality and purpose of your life, it has been a great success from my view. However, if you agree completely with everything in My Big TOE but do not gain momentum or understanding that helps you to improve the quality of your consciousness, then this trilogy has helped you focus your experience, or simply entertained you; in either case there is little significance. If that is your case, I can only hope that I have left a spark of interest or understanding that will produce flames latter on. For those who agree and disagree with My Big TOE, if no spark of greater knowledge or no flame for seeking truth is carried away, I have wasted your time. The information in My Big TOE is meant to be news that you can use, not chatter splatter for New Age groupies or PMR apologists.

I have had loads of fun hanging out with you for the last several weeks or months, or however long it has taken you to get this far. We have covered a lot of new conceptual ground together and have had some laughs in the process. If you have read the entire trilogy and are still hanging with me in this quest to see the Big Picture and develop a comprehensive model of reality – and to find your place in it – I expect that you have what it takes to go the distance. You are among the few to whom I hope to make a significant difference.

You may find this difficult to believe, but some who started on this journey with us, including a few who approached My Big TOE with serious open-minded intent, became and remain frustrated to the max. Many of these didn’t make it past Section 2 or Section 3 because of the high levels of frustration – a natural filter that you passed through with flying colors.

Why all this frustration and angst? Because I emphasize repetitively that it is up to you to go out and get evidence for yourself and come to your own conclusions. Add that to the fact that I constantly reminded you that your growth is critical to the quality of life you experience and to your evolutionary progress. Furthermore, I am forever pointing out the purpose of your existence and emphasizing the importance of your success (in the little picture and the Big Picture) in fulfilling that purpose and that you alone must assume full responsibility for your success or failure.

Additionally, I make it clear there is precious little help within PMR to aid your success, and that a long-term focused effort is required to pull yourself up by your bootstraps one tiny increment at a time. On top of all this tough love I am continually insinuating that you are probably not as spiritually evolved as you think or hope that you are; that you are more than likely driven by ego, wants, desires, and fear; and that your existence is probably not as close to the center of the reality-universe as you may have imagined. Wow! What a trip …and that’s the good news!

Frustration accrues because although I provide some technique and direction on how to get started, there are no guarantees of immediate success and few hints about what to do after you do get started. I am not holding out on you, or being vague to get you to read my next book, or avoiding the issue because I don’t know the answer – it is simply that growing-up is something that no one else can tell you how to do.

Your mother and your boss can tell you how to act, but only you can decide how to be. Unfortunately, acting properly (exhibiting proper behavior and intellectual understanding) without proper being, though civilizing, is of little value in raising the quality of your consciousness. Getting into a learning process that is significantly ahead or behind your grade level is more counterproductive than helpful: Boredom and frustration are terrific inhibitors of actualizing potential. Mass marketed materials are not the right media for effectively guiding an individual’s personal growth.

I could, if I had little understanding and even fewer scruples, try to convince you that I possess the knowledge of a sure path to greater spiritual quality and then sell it to you on the side in the form of books, tapes, lectures, seminars, and training courses, but that would be more marketing bullpucky than truth. There is no shortcut that significantly minimizes the work you must do on your own. There are many equally valid paths. You should choose one that fits your demeanor, style, and situation. None of them can give you anything but an opportunity for you to do the work required to improve yourself. Promises of anything more are empty and generally made by those more interested in the quality of your bank account than in the quality of your consciousness.

My Big TOE is not a how-to book, nor is it an advanced tome on better living through physics and meditation – it is simply a Reality 101 survey course – just enough information to get you started on your own adventure of discovery. How-to instructions, to be effective, must be individually focused and personally delivered: A one-size-fits-all book is not a good medium for teaching individuals how to experience the larger reality. A book may teach you useful meditation techniques (see Chapter 23, Book 1), but it intrinsically has a difficult time helping you interpret and understand (guide) your personal meditation experiences. How useful is the former without the latter? For the large majority, not much. Typically, such a book will serve only to shift the point of terminal frustration from a pre-meditation, “I do not know how to get started,” to a post-meditation, “My experiences are indefinable, uncontrollable, and without specific meaning.”

The first type of frustration: Enthusiasm constrained by ignorance, has a long half-life, and may eventually lead to real progress if the enthusiasm can overcome the constraints of the ignorance before it decays. The second: I’ve done that and it doesn’t appear to lead anywhere, has a much shorter half-life, rarely leads to real progress, and makes it less likely that the individual will ever make real progress. The second type of frustration is not always, or necessarily, the result of an unguided effort. Certain bright, dogged, robust individuals, who are ready to learn, dive right in and, with little to no guidance, become great swimmers in the crystal clear waters of the larger reality. Unfortunately, these individuals are rare; the rest essentially do a belly-flop, spend their life doggie paddling around in circles, or get out of the water permanently.

An immediate concern of mine is that this trilogy, because it is targeted at a broad base of readers, might do more harm than good by encouraging an epidemic of the belly-flop blues. That is a downside risk I accept in order to offer the upside potential of stimulating significant new growth.

The perseverance, effort, and lack of ego required for dramatic success act as a natural filter to cull out those who are not ready to access the greater power and responsibility of an aware consciousness. Balance and stability are inherent to the process.

The rare few who are powerfully driven, sans ego, to find answers will find a way – they always do – they need only to see the possibilities; it is never easy, but for them, easy is not required.

In terms of learning about being, we in the West have a learning disability built into our cultural values. Our model of education employs an intellectual process designed for stuffing facts into the student’s head. Learning to be is necessarily an experiential process, not an intellectual process. Much of our frustration derives from wanting to achieve the latter (learning to be, growing- up, evolving our consciousness) by employing the former (intellectual process). We push and push on that intellectual string until we give up in exasperation and conclude that the larger reality is either inaccessible to us or simply does not exist.

Babies do not learn to walk or speak by thinking about it, being told about it, logically analyzing it, or having it explained to them – it takes only a dim glimmer of the possibilities and great courage and determination. My Big TOE is trying as hard as it can to supply the dim glimmer; you must supply the courage and determination.

Feeling frustrated because the solution is not one you can get an intellectual grip on or intellectually master is futile unless the frustration drives you to continue trying until you become a consciousness toddler. A valiant and ardent search for the right intellectual understanding, the right intellectual tools, process, procedures, directions, recipe, or prescription is a search in vain. The key you are looking for does not exist in intellectual or physical form. There is no recipe, syllabus, outline, book, or set of instructions that holds the answer for you because this is not an intellectual exercise. This fact is extremely difficult for a product of modern Western education to understand.

Finally, if you are discomforted or irritated by hearing me continually infer that you probably have a long way to go and a lot of work to do, consider the use of the carrot and the stick.

Providing the dim glimmer is a carrot and stick process; nothing else works. Carrots without sticks are less irritating than sticks without carrots but neither approach will produce any smart mules. To encourage your personal journey of discovery, I have scattered a few enticing carrots here and there throughout the previous five sections. It is also possible that you received a whack or two with a humor-stick that was hand crafted from your ego. It is my intention that the application of sticks should be more of a gentle poke or helpful nudge than a whack. However, I am fully aware that one person’s nudge is often another person’s whack. A sudden or forceful growing up typically appears to be harsh.

If My Big TOE has left you feeling frustrated or disconcerted, it may be because the truth often does not fit comfortably into our established routines and belief systems, and that we often do not want to hear what our intuition is trying to tell us. Not knowing for sure whether Uncle Tom is absolutely correct, nuts, or hopelessly lost, is irrelevant to your personal growth. Not starting on a journey of discovery to find answers because you lack answers is a self-defeating deception of the ego aimed at denying fear and reducing anxiety. Embrace uncertainty: You cannot know where your path will take you. Plan only life’s journey, not life’s destination. Accept that you are always more ignorant of your ignorance than you think. Do not let the heights of your uncertainty, the depths of your ignorance, or the importance of your mission intimidate you.

I have discovered that most readers like Section 1 the best. Most like my descriptions of NPMR, comments about the Big Cheese, and at least a few of the jokes. Many also enjoy Uncle Tom poking fun at self-important stuffed shirts and iconoclastically tweaking the nose of brain-dead dogmatists. In general, people like to hear about the critters I’ve met, nonphysical sex, gender identification in NPMR, and stories of the epic adventures and conflicts that are taking place within the larger reality. Some are fascinated by how things work in NPMR and the interaction between PMR and NPMR. These stories, anecdotes, and descriptions are interesting to most everyone because they are not challenging (no conceptual heavy lifting is required) and because they have great entertainment value.

One attribute that makes entertainment so popular is that it occurs at a distance – the one being entertained does not have to participate or get personally involved. Being entertained is a pleasant, safe, secure, comfortable intellect-at-a-distance activity that requires little effort, carries no responsibility, and therefore generates no fear, guilt, potential for failure, or personal growth. By vicariously reading about (or watching) others doing amazing or cool things, we are able to share and confirm the hero’s reality in terms of our own reality without the effort or risk. Our own possibilities are thus theoretically expanded. That’s not all bad, but the limitations are obvious.

I could spin stories of adventures, battles, and intrigues in NPMR that would keep you interested and spellbound until you decided that I must be nuts. This is what most people want me to talk about most of the time – all useless, except for its entertainment value. Entertainment value is highly coveted in the marketplace, but it is better at developing cash-flow than it is at developing consciousness.

# News or ‘truth’ as entertainment – that is the tabloid approach – and the rest of our mainstream news producers are in that same boat or headed there in a big hurry – they are merely less obvious. We the people are driving the content of all mass marketed information to that same sad state of affairs. The dynamics are simple: 1) Information distribution is a business and must sell to remain competitive and profitable; 2) People prefer to be entertained; and, 3) The truth is not in big demand.

Likewise, people often prefer a tabloid approach to reality as well. (See the aside within the aside near the middle of Chapter 24, Book 1.) Unfortunately, little to no improvement in the quality of your consciousness can be achieved by listening to other people’s experiences because making meaningful improvements (consciousness evolution) is not an intellectually-driven process. Quite the contrary: Personal growth is an intent, free will, choice making, choice executing, consequence assessing, pudding tasting, experience-driven process.

Gather ’round folks, I am about to blab a rare heart-felt confession. I am not interested in entertaining you with my experiences in NPMR because there is little potential value in it. Actually, it is worse than that; the downside is significantly greater than the upside. Interesting and exciting tales from the Big Picture serve mainly to distract your focus from what you ought to be paying attention to. Spiritual growth through entertainment sounds as dumb as it is. Improvement in your consciousness quality must flow from your own direct experience. Intellectual analysis cannot generate new experience. Enough said. *

The experience of others can provide only a tentative bigger view of the possibilities – it may provide some direction, but it cannot move you forward toward greater personal quality by even a single small step. You must learn to recognize what is mainly entertainment and not confuse it with those experiences that could directly lead toward personal growth. It is not always as easy as it initially appears to make that discrimination, but until you can tell the difference and act accordingly, you will remain in square one.

Entertainment is undeniably what the marketplace wants, but that is not my interest, function, or intent in creating this trilogy. You already have a huge array of choices if entertainment and quick spiritual fixes are what you are pursuing. Here, you are expected to do your own serious iterative thinking and experiencing in order to come to your own tentative conclusions.

You now know some of the considerations and dynamics that shaped the writing of My Big TOE. I made you wait until almost the end so you wouldn’t be tempted to second-guess my presentation and delivery. The inside scoop divulged in this chapter is reserved for my favorite readers – those who were tough enough, interested enough, and determined enough to make it (almost) all the way to the end.

# Now you know: The Untold Secrets Behind My Big TOE. (How’s that for an oxymoronic tabloid headline?) Or, how about this: Uncle Tom – Exposed! People would love it, and sadly, find it more believable if Uncle Tom turned out to be an ancient Egyptian wizard accidentally raised from the dead by leaky radioactive waste. What is the real story behind My Big TOE? When a senior editor at a small publishing house read an early version of the manuscript, he called me to ask, “Where did you get all this stuff?” Would you believe I teleported here from a spaceship that remains hidden on the dark side of the moon just to implant these words of wisdom into the collective consciousness of the pathetically inferior but nonetheless deserving earthlings, so that eventually they might become worthy of contact by my people?

OK, OK, this is the real, true, truth: My name really is Tom, and I am (or at least used to be) The Big Cheese’s favorite Uncle. The unvarnished truth is that The Big Cheese sent me here because I beat him three times in a row in the heavyweight lightning bolt hurl. That is a fact – three times! Nobody had ever done that before. I know in my heart of hearts that he sent me to this clueless humanoid-hell-hole to get even, but what he said was…let me give you the exact quote… “Uncle Tom, see if you can help those bone-headed earthlings get their shit together.” That is exactly what he said, word for word, honest! Jeez, I worked on designs for outhouses, flush toilets, and sewage treatment plants for almost 2,700 years before I figured out that I was supposed to write these damn books!

This is tons of fun, and I am tempted to go on and on, but let’s get to the point. Many people would find My Big TOE more credible, much easier to take seriously, and less threatening if its origins were fantastical (as above), accidental (the result of being bonked on the head by a meteorite), or the words of a mysterious and mystical individual – perhaps a monk that has been in a cave for thirty years or a super-duper guru from a foreign culture. Why? Those sources are easy to keep at an ego-safe distance because they have nothing to do with us personally; they imply no responsibility on our part. *

## “If this so-called enlightened man is just like us, then he couldn’t know that much more than we do. Right? If he is, and he does, we should be able to do the same thing. Right? Well, then, why haven’t we?

“The unmistakable conclusion is that either he is non-credible, or we are failures, or at least have come up very short in actualizing our potential. Intellect, please tell me which possibility is the one I should believe.

“My ego and intellect agree that I have done all I can reasonably do. Whew, I feel better already. I knew that he was too ordinary and just like me to know that much more than I do.

“There for a minute, I felt small, fragmented, and insecure; like I needed to refocus my life completely, but now I am whole and in charge again.

“Too bad Mr. Know-it-all didn’t pan out; I wish that he possessed the truth and insight that I have been seeking these many years. He is, it turns out, at worst a hustler, or at best simply confused – what an ego in either case! The world is full of people like him who think they know the answer. I have listened to them all, but none of them have ever done anything for me. I remain the same. Perhaps a few of the more popular ones have part of

the answer, but none seems to have the entire answer. I am beginning to think that knowing the entire answer is impossible, that life is meant to remain mysterious, that we can never know the larger truth. If nobody really knows, or can know, the answers to life’s hardest questions, then I am doing as well as can be expected and better than most.

“Surely, we all agree, one must be exceedingly careful about who and what to believe.

“Nevertheless, I must continue my search for The One who knows the truth, The One that will share the truth with me so that I too can become enlightened. Perhaps the next Mr. Know-it-all (they seem to come and go all the time) will be the real one – the one who will set my spirit free!

“I have tried it all. My hopes soar with every new process or teacher. Nonetheless, my spiritual quest seems to wander aimlessly with little real progress. All the enlightened gurus are totally inaccessible. I can’t quit my job and family to hang out with some guru – that would not be responsible or right. Maybe there is no way to get to there from here?

“I wonder if I am doing something wrong. If I could only meet an enlightened person who was accessible, who could relate to me, who understood my needs and commitments – someone more like me.” **

# Is that guy lost or what? His almost total irrationality is derived from belief trap piled upon belief trap until only the twisted framework of a bizarre self-apparent logic remains. I counted at least twenty-eight unique belief traps piled one upon the other – how many did you see? Unfortunately, not much forward progress is likely for this particular tail-chasing seeker of spiritual truth until he learns to break out of the endless loop of Catch-22s he has created for himself.

It is a simple fact that everyone has the potential to learn what I have learned, experience what I have experienced, and do what I can do. It may take significant effort and dedication, but it doesn’t have to disrupt your life very much. This fact is deeply discomforting to the ego. Rather than jump for joy at the possibilities, a much more common response is to shrink from the personal implications and to deny personal responsibility. One always finds it easier to generate excuses than to generate results.

If my knowledge were the result of being hit by tiny meteorite fragments (dust), contact with an alien, falling off a ladder, or channeling the material directly from god himself, you would have a ready-made excuse. The material is clearly beyond your practical knowing. You can do no more than choose whether to believe it or not. There can be no blame, no self-expectation, and no responsibility or guilt; your interaction with the material is easily constrained to an intellectual exercise that is kept at a safe distance from personal involvement. Now that is entertainment. Ahhh, this feels much more comfortable, and thus more credible. Our ego’s job is to make us feel comfortable by redefining and interpreting our perceptions and conclusions to calm our fears and suit our needs. The typical ego can be convincing, cleverly subtle, and is extremely good at its job.

On the other hand, if you do have the energy and drive to find out for yourself, getting the initial kick-off briefing from your Dutch uncle who has been there and done that should greatly reduce the threshold to getting started. The technique is found in Chapter 23, Book 1 – the rest is found in your intent. *

Although reading this trilogy demonstrates great effort on your part, digesting it is another matter. Digestion is a much slower, more complex, and more significant process – it determines what you will absorb as opposed to what you will excrete. Being somewhat of an expert in the field of excretion processes, let me offer this advice: While My Big TOE is slowly digesting, you should take the opportunity to contemplate your Big TOE (you have one whether you know it or not); that will make the absorption process as efficient and effective as possible.

The antacid is on the top shelf right next to the extra strength aspirin.

© Tom Campbell. License: All rights reserved