CHAPTER 3-12 Ramifications - Communications, Time Travel, and Teleportation

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Part of "My Big TOE" book by Tom Campbell. We're translating it with author's permission. In this chapter Tom Campbell tells his story of working with Robert Monroe.

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Neither apparent PMR distance nor spatial separation affects signal quality on the RWW net within NPMRN. For example, an earthbound individual would experience no noticeable time lag between questions and answers if he were telepathically carrying on a conversation with someone located near Alpha Centauri (a star 4.4 light-years away from the earth). Transmission time and variations in signal to-noise ratio are likewise not noticeably affected by a perceived separation between the sender and the receiver even if each is in different PMRs or in different NPMRn – much as a web page (as seen by my browser) hosted on a server in Australia is as clearly and quickly represented on my monitor as a web page hosted on a server in the next room. It would appear to take no longer to access one grouping of data (dimension) within TBC as any other – distance is only virtual and has no meaning outside of the virtual PMRk.

Time travel and teleportation

Energy (the ability to rearrange bits and affect organization, and thus content, within a system) from NPMRN can be directed to any PMRk at any point on its thread of actualized history, including our PMR as a particular instance of PMRk. Because energy can propagate between any PMRk and any NPMRn, (as well as between everything else that is on the NPMR RWW net), there seems to be no a priori reason why what we perceive and experience as physical matter could not be transported either directly, or by using NPMRN as an intermediate hub or router, between realities within NPMRN. The same goes for conscious embodied beings.

In fact, because physical reality is only a virtual reality (a rule-set that defines the experience of individuated consciousness within the space-time subset of AUM), jumping or teleporting from one experience-set to another one in a different time and place would not seem impossible. Dimension hopping between realities is not so difficult. Because all is consciousness, it would seem that teleporting through what appears to you as time or space would merely be a matter of getting around within TBC.

How could an AI Guy in a WWII war game simulation, get into the WWI or Viet Nam war game simulation running in the same computer? He would need to know, understand, and be able to operate within the larger computer reality. He would need to be able to copy his algorithms, memory and data (himself) into the other simulation and insert himself properly into the appropriate time loop drivers. He would need to understand the content and mechanics of the new simulation enough to modify the code of the new simulation host to integrate himself (share data) into that simulation in a useful way.

Do you see the levels above his local reality in which he would have to operate in order to teleport into a totally different simulation? But what if he wanted only to teleport around within his own simulation – perhaps be two places at the same time? That’s much easier but he still needs to be an exceptionally aware and savvy AI Guy in order to modify the data that drives his simulation and to avoid violating the psi uncertainty principle. The same applies to us.

Teleporting a virtual body, which appears to be physical, between different local realities is analogous to switching between two virtual reality games – say going from Jungle Safari to Alpine Adventure – entirely possible, but you need to be good at parallel processing and interacting with (programming) the computer. Teleportation is only a matter of switching your consciousness to a different energy packet exchange interface (see Chapter 32, Book 2) after establishing the appropriate data links so that all interactions with other players are properly taken into account. That may seem challenging but is not as difficult as it sounds. The user interface between an individuated consciousness aware in NPMRN and TBC simplifies most of the required actions.

Fortunately, there is little advantage, need, or incentive for you to take your PMR body along as you explore the best sites on the RWW. Keep in mind that what is physical is relative to the observer. We appear to be nonphysical to other PMRs as they appear to be nonphysical to us. Thus, the idea of dragging a physical body to other reality frames makes no sense. There is no physical body, except in your mind. Teleporting a physical body has meaning only within your own local reality where you must figure out a way around the psi uncertainty principle. It is much easier and more practical to manifest an additional body appropriate to the place visited. Possessing multiple bodies in multiple realities is not a problem.

Why bother teleporting? There is little advantage and no point to dragging a unique body around with you wherever you go. Being either apparently physical or nonphysical in several reality dimensions at one time is not difficult if you can parallel process sufficiently well. Having one unique identical body at two places at the same time within the same reality stresses the psi uncertainty requirements more than having two physically different bodies at two locations at the same time. Having one physical body and one or more nonphysical bodies in the same physical reality at the same time does not stress the psi uncertainty principle.

Actually, I cannot imagine a situation where anyone’s spiritual growth would be enhanced by teleporting a physical body around within a single physical reality. It is simply not important, and not worth much effort. On the other hand, though it is entirely irrelevant in the Big Picture, it certainly would be lots of fun – imagine all the great gags you could pull. Also, it would be convenient (like being rich) as well as save transportation costs and travel time. If great gags and convenience are your goals, get working on it. Beam me up, Scottie.

Teleporting your awareness (nonphysical body) is less complicated because the objective physical experience connection to the space-time rule-set (your physical body) is left behind undisturbed. Traveling with only the consciousness is simpler than manifesting an additional body because local psi uncertainty principles are more easily satisfied. The mind is free to go, be aware, and experience anything anywhere on the Big Picture reality net (with a few access restrictions). Many PMR residents do not comprehend this; consequently, they never go anywhere – they simply stay at home and baby-sit their bodies. They have no idea there is a wholly new and magnificent reality out there to explore – or how important it is to the success of their mission – or for that matter, that there even is a purpose or mission to their life. They have their you-know-what stuck in a belief trap. Contrary to popular opinion, ignorance is not bliss, it is just ignorance.

Unique addresses exist for any 3D space-time point or being in any PMR (the same goes for points and beings outside space-time). Conscious beings, embodied or not, can use their minds as a vehicle to directly, or by using NPMRN as an intermediate hub or router, transport their awareness between any two points within our PMR (our universe) or within the larger reality. Think of it as hopping between different clumps of memory cells or locations in TBC. Using local coordinates that uniquely define a particular state vector, your awareness can end up anywhere you want it to in the reality of your choice.

Thus for example, you can make a custom-designed worm hole from a point in your present space-time-reality to a point on our shared history thread, or to any other space-time-reality point in any other reality (our PMR or not, our history thread or not). This process is successfully and commonly used by beings (embodied in PMR or not) that are sentient in NPMRN. Navigation of your awareness is consciously directed by focused intent over a low noise background and is limited by the extent of your knowledge and your experience. As long as there is a unique destination URL or address (and you know what it is – or know someone who knows), you can navigate to any dimension, reality, place (local coordinates), person (unique consciousness ID), or thing.

The address reads as any other, from the more general to the more specific. Say you want to check out the healing process of a stomach ulcer that is bothering a good friend of yours who lives in some other PMR, the address might be as simple as: reality, individual, stomach, ulcerated cells – as long as the individual was unique within that reality. You mail your energy or consciousness by intent (see Topics 5 through 9 in Chapter 4 of this book). Essentially this is how remote viewers (RV) and out-of-body experiencers (OOBE), as well as other mind travelers, get to and from wherever they go, whether they express it like this or not.

Clear and complete intent is critical. Knowing you need a city and street but being unaware that a state and house number are also required to find a particular resident creates a large set of possible solutions because some cities in different states may have the same name and many cities have the same street names. If intent is not clear and informed about how to specify the uniqueness of an address (at all levels of the address), those parts of the address that are not sufficiently specific are often filled in with a random selection from, or a smear across, (depending on the circumstances) the possible solution set. Unfortunately, the explorer often never knows that randomness or inaccuracy has crept into his vision. If the intent is foggy or imprecise, the results might be foggy (smeared across the possibilities) or they might be clear but inaccurate (random selection).

Given the numbers of multiple realities and given that similar reality branches could be almost identical in certain areas (unrelated to the uniqueness that created the branch in the first place), it is easy to understand that getting the right address (knowing what you are doing) becomes more and more difficult the farther you stray from home (going beyond your comfortable understanding). This is, and has always been, a common problem of all explorers – from Christopher Columbus to Lewis and Clark to Captain Kirk. The solution? Carefully and continually turn very small parts of what is unknown into what is known. It is a slow, time consuming process, and in NPMR, must be accomplished by each explorer by and for himself.

No one can give you a detailed map of the territory, but they can give you specific addresses. Successful travelers (those who have controlled out-of-body-experiences or who successfully practice remote-viewing) understand the importance of a clear address, the need to suspend the noisy ego, and the necessity for many hours of developmental experience to guide the way.

Once you have projected your awareness from NPMR to any reality-system state vector (past or probable-future, actualized or non-actualized, OS or otherwise), you can easily specify your intent and let DELTA-t run forward or backward from that point of entry to make a realistic movie from the sequential frames. However, you must be careful at branch points to not get sidetracked into a reality other than the one intended. As you might imagine, it is easy to get lost and turned around – your intent must be unique (which is sometimes difficult because often you are not aware of all the variables), steady, clear, and complete. Anything else may well invoke that old computer-programming truism: Garbage in, garbage out. Awareness of the potential difficulties and plenty of carefully evaluated experience are the only remedies.

Flying faster than a speeding photon, and the art of generating multiple bodies that simultaneously belong to your present personal awareness.

Warp speed is perhaps not important if you can simply materialize yourself and your spaceship from any space-time-reality to any other space-time-reality. It would be like sending a matter-gram of yourself over the reality net by plugging your conscious awareness into some other reality’s experience simulator. If you choose the same PMR reality, you will merely teleport around within the same universe – again, uncertainty (as required by the psi-uncertainty principle) must obscure problematical rule-set violations at both ends and within all PMRs. When you realize your body and your spaceship are only rule-set based experiential delusions of mass by a hallucinating nonphysical consciousness, the concept of warp speed, the necessity for spaceships, and teleporting take on new meaning.

Splitting, duplicating, or fragmenting is a natural thing for your consciousness to accomplish. There is no rule or law that demands only one apparently physical body at one time at one location in one space-time-reality. As long as the rules of interaction are obeyed and the psi uncertainty principle (described in Chapters 13 and 14 of Book 2) is met, AUM and the Big Cheese are happy campers.

The idea that you must take the body-energy with you by dematerializing or disengaging from your shared experience here (from the viewpoint of others here) and then re-materializing or engaging a shared physical experience somewhere else is based on a misunderstanding of the nature of reality. For some reason, it seems intuitive to citizens of PMR that a body must first disappear (dematerialize) from where it is before it can reappear (materialize) somewhere else. Because your body is only a virtual one to begin with, all this materializing and dematerializing is silly. It is much simpler and more reasonable to create an appropriate form (body) in whatever reality you happen to be in. Fortunately, it does not take much energy to materialize an additional virtual physical body in most virtual simulations within NPMRN. Actually, going bodiless is difficult to do. It would appear that some sort of body that defines the boundary of your individuation is automatically attached to your being whether you intend it to be there or not.

In the non-space-time portions of NPMRN (outside those reality dimensions that operate under a space-time rule-set), everything travels faster than warp speed; accordingly, travel time always appears to be instantaneous and never becomes an issue.

There are rules that dictate how, and to what extent, you can interact in other reality systems – one must observe all local laws including local rule-sets and psi uncertainty.

Dematerializing, materializing, and going faster than light-speed are merely local PMR issues that make little sense in the Big Picture and are not important to your personal growth.

Leaving the PMR body behind

We may, in the end, be like old-dog executives who get their secretaries to make a hard copy of their e-mail before they will read it. In the bigger picture, we resemble the people who do not like teleconferencing because they can’t shake hands and do not like telecommuting because they cannot continually watch or monitor their people at work. It may be that we are so used to hauling our bodies around with us that we simply cannot imagine going anywhere without them. Unfortunately, what we cannot imagine becomes impossible to accomplish.

Perhaps in the future, dragging one’s body about won’t seem necessary or desirable – especially if everything but the virtual body you experience within PMR can easily make the trip. Travel within NPMR is governed entirely by intent. Nonphysical travel within PMR (with all the attendant physical sensations of being there included) has the potential to become more and more like using the telephone, telecommuting, teleconferencing, and communicating via e-mail and the WWW – all concepts of disembodied communications that we are slowly getting used to, and finding extraordinarily efficient.