CHAPTER 26 - The Evolution of AUO - Who is that Masked Consciousness Thing, and What Can It Do? Tom Campbell, My Big TOE

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At this point in our exposition, AUO is apparently the only thing that exists (no space, no time), and its dim awareness interacts primarily with itself, in relation to itself. To be more accurate, AUO is apparently the only thing that exists that is interactive with, or relevant to, our reality or us. What may or may not exist beyond AUO is also beyond relevance to us. Thus, for now, we can ignore any hypothetical external supporting environment, or conceptualize it as a non-interactive void – whether it is or not.

What else do we know that can exist outside the bounds of space and time? If you think about it for a moment, you will immediately become dimly aware that thought, mind, consciousness or spirit are the only things known to us that are not bounded by our time and space. AUO is primordial consciousness. Could our individual consciousness as well as the physical universe be related to, or derived from, AUO? Absolutely!

# A quick glance forward may provide a more solid basis for you to properly structure the concepts that are now popping up in front of you. Sometimes it is easier to make sense out of what you are doing if you can see where it is leading. As this Big TOE slowly comes into focus over the next three sections, you will eventually come to realize that consciousness is the basic medium from which reality is formed – the fundamental non-material material of existence. It will also become apparent that a more structured form of this fundamental primordial consciousness energy can reasonably evolve into an ultra-low-entropy consciousness that can generate the operative digital mind required to animate and define the content of our larger reality.

Consciousness provides the basic organizational energy from which all individuated existence is derived. It provides the self-modifiable form, function, and potential energy the Fundamental Process of evolution optimizes. Eventually, something analogous to cell specialization evolves within AUO to create internal dimensions that support various realities populated by individuated units of consciousness. The Fundamental Process drives change at all levels including the growth opportunities that eventually define individuated consciousness content such as yourself. By the end of Section 5, you should understand how our physical reality, including you, is created, the process by which it operates, and what purpose it serves. You will also better understand the nonphysical dynamics underlying your physical existence as well as the nature of both personal and public reality. I do not want to get too far ahead of my story lest it tempt you to jump to conclusions that are wrong-headed and in error even though they might seem obvious at this point in the unraveling. *

Let’s be careful not to fall into an anthropomorphic trap. I am not at this point implying that AUO is (or ever becomes) conscious or sentient in the same way that a human being is conscious or sentient. I am implying that AUO is (or represents) primordial consciousness – an energy form that, like earth’s early carbon-based bio-forms, has the potential to evolve awareness. AUO represents the primordial substance of consciousness itself, not the attribute of being conscious.

Consciousness is the result of evolution offering profitability to a self-organizing complex system of relational digital content. Another way of conceptualizing AUO is as an apparently infinite potential energy. The potential energy of digital consciousness is the potential to self- organize, which is derived from the potential of a digital system to reduce its average entropy through evolution. A system able to lower its entropy through self-organization will eventually host some level of consciousness. Over the next several chapters we will see how a digital model of highly aware consciousness can be derived from a single monolithic consciousness system that is driven to ever lower values of average entropy (higher values of usable energy) by the requirements of evolutionary profitability.

What can AUO do with itself to create the stimulating environment that drives evolution and how did it figure out how to do this? It figured out how in the same way those biological cells did. It may take an extremely long time (dim awareness can be very slow), but under the steady pressure of a relentless evolution constantly nudging all systems toward greater profitability, progress is eventually made as new possibilities are explored.

What could AUO do that was interesting and challenging and stimulating? It can first create a duality within itself. This vs. not this. It can alter its uniformity to create a local disturbance or distortion. Then there exists, distorted relative to non-distorted. A duality has been created. It is as if that calm, still ocean you were floating in a few chapters ago to gain an intuitive sense of apparently infinite absolute unbounded oneness now has evolved to the point of making a tiny ripple. With lots of practice and some good luck, ripples eventually become waves and whirlpools. Distortion or any other non-uniformity exists only in relation to uniformity. How many different kinds or types of disturbance can AUO create relative to its uniformity? Who knows? For our purposes, we need only one.

A single localized modification of the uniform state is all that is required to derive ourselves, our physics, and all the rest of our reality (physical and nonphysical). This way (uniform) relative to that way (locally non-uniform) is sufficient. Given that AUO somehow discovers a disturbance or non-uniformity relative to itself, it can return to uniform, then intentionally reestablish the locally disturbed state, then return back to uniform and so on. We now have the possibility of a regularly recurring event that will eventually evolve into a precisely recurring event. Figures 2-1, 2-2, and 2-3 show three examples of a regularly occurring continuous change between non-uniform and uniform states. A precisely occurring event might eventually be used to invent time (the first tick- tock, tick-tock, tick-tock as it were). But before we could reasonably expect something as advanced as uniform vibration or oscillation, AUO has a lot more evolving yet to accomplish.

Maximum Positive Distortion

Uniform (Zero Distortion)

One Cycle

A single “time-quantum.” The minimum time increment. Also the minimum time required to change the state of one cell from a no distortion (uniform)state to a maximum distortion state. Note that two time-quanta are required to complete one cycle.

Figure 2.1: Unipolar Oscillation in the form of |sin( ? t)|

Considering biological evolution on earth, one would say that one celled critters discovered multi-celled configurations were more effective, and later discovered that cell specialization provided a more efficient multi-celled organism. Here, I am using the word “discovered” in the evolutionary sense. Such discoveries are not necessarily well defined events. They are more typically diffused happenings that occur over long periods of time and after huge numbers of more or less random internal experiments have been evaluated for profitability (improved survivability for bio-organisms or lower entropy for consciousness organisms).

The continuing evolution of AUO requires more and more complexity in the ways that AUO might express differentiation of one part of itself relative to another. What are its opportunities (the possibilities) for dualizing? There are many ways AUO could change state and then change back. Here are a few of the simplest ways. AUO could, for example, discover dualization in a bipolar as well as unipolar mode. The unipolar mode (uniform, positive-disturbance, uniform, positive- disturbance, uniform, and so on), could be in the form of |sin(?t)| (shown in Fig. 2-1), or perhaps [sin(?t) +1]/2, or sin2(?t) . It could also be in the form of a linear sawtooth (Fig. 2-2), or any number of other useful forms.

Maximum Positive Distortion

Uniform (Zero Distortion)

One Cycle

A single “time-quantum.” The minimum time increment. Also the minimum time required to change the state of one cell from a non- distorted (uniform) state to a maximum distortion state. Note that two time-quanta are required to complete one cycle.

Figure 2.2: Linear Unipolar Oscillation (sawtooth)

AUO could also oscillate between positive and negative disturbance states (uniform, positive- disturbance, uniform, negative- disturbance, uniform, positive- disturbance, uniform, negative- disturbance, uniform, and so on). This type of oscillation is called “bipolar” and could, for example, be in the form of sin(?t) (as shown in Fig. 2-3). Here, the words “positive” and “negative” represent opposite disturbances such as good/bad, hot/cold, more/less, sharp/dull, bright/dim, acid/base, hungry/full, thought/no-thought, or whatever suits AUO’s nature and newly found sensibilities. Notice that I avoided using spatial opposites (such as here/there, up/down and in/out) because space is not a native construct of AUO and has not yet been discovered by AUO.

Maximum Positive Distortion

Uniform (Zero Distortion) 0

Maximum Negative _ Distortion

One Cycle

A single “time-quantum.” The minimum time increment. Also the minimum time required to change the state of one cell from a

non-distortion (uniform) state to a maximum distortion state. Note that four time-quanta are required to complete one cycle.

Figure 2.3: Bipolar Oscillation in the form of sin( ? t)

If math (trigonometry) functions such as sin(?t) or |sin(?t)| are not a part of your everyday reality, do not be concerned. They are not particularly important to understanding the binary nature of disturbed vs. not-disturbed. I use them here only to demonstrate the wide range of simple as well as complex possibilities that AUO could employ to define this versus that and because the logical side of Mother Nature seems to be partial to sinusoids. That AUO, similarly to the primordial biological cells of our planet, somehow evolves to become dimly aware that it can affect changes in its state is the main message here. The details of how it changes state are not important to the conceptual Big Picture being painted.

AUO is now at a level that is analogous to the one celled or few-celled organisms floating in the primordial soup that represents our planet’s biological beginnings. In fact, in honor of this analogy, let’s call this singular relative disturbance in AUO a reality cell.

As the Fundamental Process dictates, awareness, however dim, always creates ever more possibilities for itself to explore. Likewise, complexity, however simple, always generates greater possibilities for the evolving entity to investigate. Thus, as evolution would have it, AUO eventually discovers it can simultaneously create two disturbances relative to its seemingly infinite uniformity, then three, then four, then hundreds, then billions, then…. After all, an approximately infinite, practically unbounded oneness should easily manage and support quantity far beyond our comprehension. We ourselves are composed of billions upon billions of cells. Continuing our analogy with biological systems, AUO is now at the stage of a huge multi-celled but still very simple behemoth. Here a cell, there a cell, everywhere a cell cell … (reality cell, that is), but no structure, no order, no specialization of function – yet.

Growth in the type and number of reality cells should be sufficiently challenging for a long time because each increment of growth creates new possibilities for new configurations of the larger system. Likewise, each new state of the system represents new possibilities and opportunities for growth. Awareness, complexity, and useful control grow with the number of potential states or possibilities AUO can profitably explore (reach through evolution). What happens next? AUO is about to get organized.

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