Глава 26 - Эволюция Абсолютного неограниченного единства (АНЕ) - Сознание - кто этот таинственный незнакомец в маске и на что он способен?

Tom Campbell, “CHAPTER 26 - The Evolution of AUO - Who is that Masked Consciousness Thing, and What Can It Do? Tom Campbell, My Big TOE”, public translation into Russian from English More about this translation.

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A single localized modification of the uniform state is all that is required to derive ourselves, our physics, and all the rest of our reality (physical and nonphysical). This way (uniform) relative to that way (locally non-uniform) is sufficient. Given that AUO somehow discovers a disturbance or non-uniformity relative to itself, it can return to uniform, then intentionally reestablish the locally disturbed state, then return back to uniform and so on. We now have the possibility of a regularly recurring event that will eventually evolve into a precisely recurring event. Figures 2-1, 2-2, and 2-3 show three examples of a regularly occurring continuous change between non-uniform and uniform states. A precisely occurring event might eventually be used to invent time (the first tick- tock, tick-tock, tick-tock as it were). But before we could reasonably expect something as advanced as uniform vibration or oscillation, AUO has a lot more evolving yet to accomplish.

Maximum Positive Distortion

Uniform (Zero Distortion)

One Cycle

A single “time-quantum.” The minimum time increment. Also the minimum time required to change the state of one cell from a no distortion (uniform)state to a maximum distortion state. Note that two time-quanta are required to complete one cycle.

Figure 2.1: Unipolar Oscillation in the form of |sin( ? t)|

Considering biological evolution on earth, one would say that one celled critters discovered multi-celled configurations were more effective, and later discovered that cell specialization provided a more efficient multi-celled organism. Here, I am using the word “discovered” in the evolutionary sense. Such discoveries are not necessarily well defined events. They are more typically diffused happenings that occur over long periods of time and after huge numbers of more or less random internal experiments have been evaluated for profitability (improved survivability for bio-organisms or lower entropy for consciousness organisms).

The continuing evolution of AUO requires more and more complexity in the ways that AUO might express differentiation of one part of itself relative to another. What are its opportunities (the possibilities) for dualizing? There are many ways AUO could change state and then change back. Here are a few of the simplest ways. AUO could, for example, discover dualization in a bipolar as well as unipolar mode. The unipolar mode (uniform, positive-disturbance, uniform, positive- disturbance, uniform, and so on), could be in the form of |sin(?t)| (shown in Fig. 2-1), or perhaps [sin(?t) +1]/2, or sin2(?t) . It could also be in the form of a linear sawtooth (Fig. 2-2), or any number of other useful forms.

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