Ceremonies of Advancement, Hunter to Warrior - Questionnaire (Warriors' Experience)

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into Russian: Церемония Посвящения Охотника в Войны - Вопросник (Опыт Воинов). Translated in draft, editing and proof-reading required.
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This test is not an examination as such. It is merely a guide in ascertaining whether or not you have grasped and applied the teachings sufficiently well in order to benefit from being accredited with the rank of Warrior.



1) Is there one person on earth who has benefited from you having been alive? If so, explain. If not, why?

2) If you have removed, or helped removed someone's prison, how has that person benefited from your help? If you have never helped another person, why?

3) How often have you forced someone into accepting your view of the world? Why?

4) If you should acquire the power to move mountains, would you do so? Why?

5) All paths, including the Warrior's Path, lead nowhere. Why then are you seeking to tread the Warrior's Path?

6) How often have you set yourself apart from others? Why have you done so?

7) How many people have had to bow down to your will? Why?

8) In what way do you rape others physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually?

9) Is there anyone in your life whose freedom is more important to you than your own wishes? Explain.

10) Which concept do you consider as being fundamental to your existence?

11) Does your life enhance harmony in the world around you? Explain.