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# Булки, кефир и рок-н-ролл. Пролог #

scene black

$ bkrr_set_time("sunset")

play music music_list["afterword"] fadein 2.5

show bkrr_service bkrr_title_message:
subpixel True
linear 8.0 zoom 1.5
with bkrr_flowtoright_transition

$ renpy.pause(5.0)

hide bkrr_service with bkrr_flowtoleft_transition

$ renpy.pause(1.0, hard=True)

scene expression bkrr_im_sepia("bg int_musclub_day")
show mi normal pioneer sepia at center
with bkrr_flowtoleft_transition

play ambience ambience_music_club_day fadein 3

window show

$ bkrr_new_chapter("Prologue")

mi_sep "I see that you have a bypass sheet. Are you newbie here?"

ne "Yeah..."

show mi smile pioneer sepia at center with dspr

mi_sep "My name's Miku, by the way. "

mi_sep "Really! Nobody believes me, but it is my real name. My Mom is Japanese."

window hide

$ renpy.pause(0.25, hard=True)

$ set_mode_nvl()

nvl show dissolve

"The only thing i needed to do was to give my paper to that cute girl with exotic name just to have her signature and go do other chores. {w}But when I saw her..."

nvl hide dissolve

scene expression bkrr_im_sepia("cg d2_miku_piano2") with bkrr_flowtoleft_transition

$ set_mode_adv()

window show

th "NOPE! I meant other stuff!"

window hide

$ renpy.pause(0.25, hard=True)

$ set_mode_nvl()

nvl show dissolve

"It is not connected witn those green and white stripes.{w} There were weils of cuteness, clumsiness and cheerfulness going around the girl all in one time.{w} I don't know why, but i wanted to stay..."

"There were no very serious reasons to snoop around, but..."

nvl hide dissolve

scene expression bkrr_im_sepia("bg int_musclub_day")
show mi normal pioneer sepia at center
with bkrr_flowtoright_transition

$ set_mode_adv()

window show

mi_sep "Can you play any musical instrument?"

hide mi with dissolve

"I made a selfconfident face and picked up a guitar marked with an inventory ID from the corner of the room, and did my best to play a simple melody."

"Some time ago i tried to learn the basics, tried out some chords, but abbandoned the idea very soon.That was the only melody i could remmember. {w}I was sure that i will perform it well because i played it repeatedly lately."

"Miku gave me a glimpse when i finished:"

show mi smile pioneer sepia at center with dissolve

mi_sep "Well... Nicely done! Really!"

mi_sep "Can you play anything else?"

me "Sorry... But no. The melody i played was hard to remember for me. "

me "Well... I need to visit Medical Care Unit, the library and, er..., clubs. Can you sign it for me, please?"

mi_sep "Sure! {w}Give it to me. "

show mi normal pioneer sepia at center with dspr

mi_sep "But, firstly, i need to try my signature out on spare piece of paper. I usually use it very seldom. Small name stamps are used instead in Japan. Those are small red things, you know. I always wanted to own a name stamp, but my dad said that i should get used to the traditions of the country i live in... That would be cool to have such thing, anyways."

mi_sep "That’s it! Here you are."

me "Thanks."

th "Well. I am quite curious weather she talks usually talks so much or not? In most cases, i am getting tired from such talkatives, but i listened to the girl with pleasure."

"Miku returned my paper to me and added after a little pause: "

mi_sep "It's okay, but be aware of Ulyana. "

show mi sad pioneer sepia at center with dspr

mi_sep "I didn't gotten all the signatures on the first day and she added dining room the bathhouse and gym intonthe list. The cooc was smiling at me when i asked her to signify my paper. "

mi_sep "I was depressed Cuz i thought i wil not finish the list in time... And when i visited the Bathhouse..."

"Miku stopped talking and did one deep breath, and , as far as i understood remembered her adventures."

"I wanted to stay with her, but i need to get to other places from the list."

me "Thank you. Can i go now?"

show mi normal pioneer sepia at center with dspr

mi_sep "Sure. Will you visit my club later? I am getting bired here cuz i am alone."

me "OK!"

mi_sep "Be aware! I will wait fir you to come back"

window hide

stop ambience fadeout 1

scene expression bkrr_im_sepia("bg ext_music_club_verandah_day_v1") with bkrr_flowtoleft_transition

play ambience ambience_camp_center_day fadein 3

$ renpy.pause(1.0, hard=True)

show dv normal pioneer2 sepia at left
show us grin pioneer sepia at right
with dissolve

window show

us_sep "Senya! HI!"

me "Hi there!"

dv_sep "What were you doing here?"

me "Was trying to get a signature in my bypass paper."

dv_sep "Did you get it?"

me "Yup."

dv_sep "Go away right now."

window hide

hide dv
hide us
with dissolve

scene expression bkrr_im_sepia("bg ext_music_club_day") with bkrr_flowtoleft_transition

window show

"I heared some scraps of conversation while i was going away:"

stop music fadeout 10

us_sep "Why were you... At him like..."

dv_sep "I have the reason to do so."

us_sep "You Are in love... Ouch! What are you doing?!"

dv_sep "I will punch you again if you don't stop saying such silly things."

us_sep "Oh! Look, how touchy you are!"

"The girls went towards the buolding and entered the club."

window hide

stop ambience fadeout 5

scene bg ext_music_club_day with Dissolve(5.0)

# $ bkrr_get_achievement("start")
# ачивка для первого эпизода

$ persistent.bkrr_check[4] = True

jump bkrr_opening

# Булки, кефир и рок-н-ролл. Опенинг #

label bkrr_opening:

scene black with fade3

$ renpy.movie_cutscene(bkrr_video_list["intro"], delay = 39.0)

scene black

jump bkrr_day4_start

Original (Russian): Булки, кефир и рок-н-ролл (Пролог)

Translation: © orikanekoi .

License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

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