CAf Champion League: Zamalek keeps falling

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Sundowns won the first leg against Egypt's champion, making its third victory in a row.

The Egyptian team Zamalek lost 0-3 in its first match in the CAF Champion league finals to the home side, the South African Sundowns, this Saturday afternoon. What complicates the white team's mission in winning the African title lost since 2003.

نظيفة بعد عصر اليوم السبت، لتتعقد مأمورية الفريق الأبيض تحقيق لقبه الأفريقي السادس الغائب عن خزائنه منذ عام 5112

Zamalek played in a feeble defensive mode giving the Sundowns the chance to exert full control over the game and attack in different ways. Especially in the the first half, during which two goals were scored by the team returning to the league upon the CAF administrative decision. This was due to the mistakes committed jointly by the center-backs and the keeper Ahmed Al Shenawy.

متنوع وتحديدًا في الشوط الأول الذي شهد تسجيل الفريق العائد للبطولة بقرار إداري من الكاف لهدفين من هفوات مشتركة بين قلبي

دفاع الزمالك والحارس أحمد الشناوي.

Sundowns three goals were scored by Anthony Laffor, Tebogo Langerman and Zamalek's defender Islam Gamal who shot an auto-goal.

the opening 10-minutes were remarkably calm, as players were testing the waters. Yet, the home side enjoyed a better ball possession.

كانت لصالح أصحاب الأرض.

Zamalek relied on securing its defensive areas and lurked for counter-attack opportunities. In which they succeeded twice in the first 15 minutes; with Stanley's cross and Shikabala's shot. Yet, none has threatened Denis Onyango's nets.

ساعة الأولى بعرضية من ستانلي وتسديدة من شيكابالا، ولكن كلتيهما لم تشكلا خطورة على مرمى الحارس دينيس أونيانجو.

The Sundowns attacks got more aggressive after the calm start/opening, with Asavela Mbekile passing a dangerous cross to which Hlompho Kekana reached up to in the 19th minute. While the attempt that threatened Al Shinawy's nets the most came in the 22nd minute, when the defender Thabo Nthethe's passed a header that was about to hit the goal.

هلومفو كيكانا في الدقيقة 01 ، قبل أن يهدد المدافع ثابو نثيثي مرمى الشناوي في المحاولة الأخطر في الدقيقة 55 بكرة رأسية مرت

قليلاً إلى جوار مرمى الشناوي.

Anthony Laffor made it in the 31st minute scoring Sundown's first goal. The unfavorable positioning of the center-backs left Al shinawy's nets open for the Liberian player who, without hesitation, made a powerful shot.

اللاعب تمامًا بمرمى الشناوي، ولم يتردد اللاعب الليبيري في تسديد الكرة بقوة في الشباك.

Zamalek players didn't manifest a strong reaction for being left behind. While the home side's varied attacks put Zamalek defense under continuous pressures.

Tebogo Langerman successfully signed Sundowns 2nd goal in the 40th minute. Langerman surprised everyone by shooting a long strike directly into Al Shenawy nets, who was in a forward displacement.

الشناوي المتقدم من مرماه، لتفاجئ الكرة الجميع بدخولها المرمى.

Ayman Hefni was about to get Zamalek back to the game in the first-half's last seconds. He set off with the ball up to the penalty area's boundaries and made a dangerous left shot that hovered slightly above the nets.

الجزاء وسدد كرة يسارية خطيرة مرت قليلاً أعلى من المرمى.

As the 2nd half began, Sundowns didn't give Zamalek the chance to reorganize themselves and immediately scored their 3rd goal. It was Islam Gamal’s mistake turning Percy Tau's shot into an auto-goal.

عن طريق إسلام جمال الذي حول تسديدة بيركي تاو بالخطأ إلى داخل مرماه في الدقيقة الأولى من الشوط الثاني.

Zamalek succeeded in taking control over the game in an endeavor to bridge the remarkable scores gap. Baseim Morsi made a dangerous shot just in front of the goal, but the defense managed to send it away in the 59th minute’s last seconds.

المرمى، ولكن الدفاع نجح في إبعادها في اللحظات الأخيرة في الدقيقة 21

The second half progressed in favor of the white team in terms of ball possession. In an attempt to reinforce his attacking side, Moamen Soliman brought Mustapha Fathi in, but the Sundowns succeeded in watching over their defense lines after securing the third goal.

بالدفع بمصطفى فتحي، ولكن فريق صن داونز نجح في تأمين خطوط الدفاعية بعد أن أدرك غايته بإحراز الهدف الثالث.

Mustapha Fathi succeeded indeed in leading Zamalek to attack Onyango's nets more effectively. However, the dangerous shot by Salah Ibrahim in the 25th minute was aborted by the defense.

الدقيقة 25 نجح الدفاع في إبعادها.

Another dangerous attempt was brilliantly thwarted by the substitute keeper in the 87th minute. While Sundowns continued with their aggressive attacks during the last minutes before the match ends with the south African champion’s 3-0 victory

الأخيرة، لتنتهي المباراة بفوز بطل جنوب أفريقيا بثلاثية نظيفة.

Zamalek has to win 3-0 to get an aggregate draw and resort to penalty shootouts. Otherwise, they have to win with a margin of at least 4 goals to get the title lost since 2003. The second-leg is next Sunday on October 23rd.

أهداف على الأقل لتحقيق اللقب الأفريقي الغائب منذ 5115 ، وت قام مباراة العودة يوم الأحد المقبل 52 أكتوبر

Original (Arabic): أبطال أفريقيا: الزمالك يواصل سقوطه المروع أمام صن داونز!

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