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If you are a brony fan, how long, in years, have you considered yourself a brony? (e.g., 4)

Instructions: Please rate your agreement with the following items.

(1-7) Strongly Disagree - Strongly Agree

I am emotionally connected to being brony.

I strongly identify with being a brony.

Being a brony is part of me.

I strongly identify with bronies in the brony community.

I am glad to be a member of the brony community.

I see myself as a member of the brony community.

This past year, how often did you…

Never, Almost Never, Several Times a Year, Once a Month, Once a Week, A Few Times a Week, Once a Day, Many Times each Day

watch My Little Pony?

watch My Little Pony fan content?

read news/blogs/reviews about My Little Pony?

talk to friends about My Little Pony?

My involvement with the brony fandom…

(1-5) Not at all True - Very True

Provides me with a chance to expand my circle of friends.

Provides me with a focus or sense of purpose.

Provides me with an engaging and entertaining experience.

Provides me with a break from life's stresses.

Provides me with an outlet for my creativity.

Provides me with a chance/way to retreat from difficult life situations.

Provides me with an activity to share with my existing friends/ ways to stay connected.

Provides me with answers/information/guidance I need to face situations in my life.

Provides me with a good laugh and/or cry.

Provides me with an opportunity to express myself and my uniqueness.

Provides me an opportunity to share with my family and bring us closer.

Provides me with a sense of fulfillment as I feel like something is missing when I am not involved.

Provides me with an experience of captivating beauty and inspiration.

Provides me with an opportunity to grow and discover more about aspects of myself.

How many brony conventions have you attended?


How many brony meetups have you attended?


For me, attending a brony convention this year would be...

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