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If I win the $50 gift card draws, I would like %______ of my prize to be donated anonymously to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

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We wanted to first thank you for completing the study and explain what we looked at in this survey to better understand a variety of topics in the fan community, to hopefully be applied more broadly towards fan studies in general. We know this is a lot and we thank you again for sticking with us and helping us on our quest to further understand fan communities. First, looking at motivation for convention attendance in relation to the theory of planned behavior which would be novel within a large fan community outside of sport. Second, views of political motivation which is unexamined within fan communities in detail. We also were interested in a variety of factors concerning favorite character and how they relate to you as an individual which is also something psychology has yet to examine and with such positive characters, the brony fandom offers a unique look at these concepts. Fourth, we also wished to examine moral licensing and how morality and behavior are shaped by watching the show and how this may change outcomes on an individual’s willingness to donate money to charity. And finally, in the event you were wondering why a sudden influx of questions on sexism showed up, we were interested in further examining the openness within the brony community that we had examined in earlier studies and also sought to better understand the nature of individuals who may score high on hostile or benevolent sexism and also enjoy a show when female characters and feminist messages (including those from the show’s creator) are so prevalent.

Please do not tell other’s about the hypotheses we are investigating in this study—for that might influence their responses and it is people’s natural responses to beliefs about what others think that we are interested in. Thank you.

As a reminder, if you would like to be entered into the gift card drawing please Email [email protected] with the code 2017-71.

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