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(1-7) Almost Never-Very Frequently

In general, how often would you say that the average brony watches MLP?

In general, how often would you say that you watch MLP?

Instructions: Below are a series of statements which may or may not reflect how you see yourself. Please indicate the degree to which you agree or disagree with each statement at this moment.

(1-7) Strongly Disagree-Strongly Agree

I am entitled not to suffer too much.

I deserve good things in my life.

I deserve an extra break now and then.

I should not have to inconvenience myself for others.

I have a good memory.

The things that happen to me are largely beyond my ability to control.

In general, I consider myself to be an optimist.

Others would describe me as a fairly introverted person.

I am usually excited when it comes to trying new things.

In general, I have a fairly positive sense of self-esteem.

Instructions: Below are a series of possible situations and behaviors. For each one, please indicate how likely you would be to engage in each of behavior.

(1-7) Definitely Would Not - Definitely Would

Donating blood at a blood drive?

If there were a water shortage in your town due to a drought and you were asked not to shower for 48 hours, would you comply?

Would you donate money to a school you attended (university or high school)?

If you finished a drink and there were no recycling bins in sight, would you throw your bottle in a trash can?

Would you ever spend vacation / holiday time doing a service project and/or advocating for social change?

Participating in some kind of volunteer work in the next couple of years?

Suppose your friend was really struggling with their relationship. You have helped this friend several times before. If this friend asked you to help when you would rather watch a movie at that time, would you help?

Suppose that while in a library you received a call on your cell phone from a friend you had not spoken to recently. Would you answer your phone if there were others around you?

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