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My favourite music group is Cinema Bizarre. I would like to tell you about them.

Сinema Bizarre - German glam-rock band consisting of five persons: Strify (vocals), Shin (drums), Romeo (keyboards), Kiro (bass), Yu (guitar). Their style is close to the Japanese youth culture Visual Kei.

It was 2007 when they appeared on TV and "blew up" Germany and neighbouring countries. Their first song Lovesongs (They kill me) won the affection of many teenagers of Germany, France, Russia and many other countries.

Their debut album "Final Attraction" was issued on October 12, 2007. It combined such musical elements as Pop, Rock, New Wave/New Romantic and Electro. They created an unique sound on this disc:" Our sound and our show are like terrific fireworks and music is like emotions! With our music and show we want to show people the other world where is no rules and limits at all. Anything different would be boring.

Their music is multilayered and nondescript, full of senses and glamour, convincing and facinating. It's impossible to describe it by words: "Playing with fantasy, appearance, views - probably we want to provoke... probably we just want to play".

Original (English): Биография Cinema Bizarre

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