Apprentice (s), nagal, Theun addressing a Russian (Warriors' Experience)

Translations of this material:

into Russian: Теун обращается к Русскому ученику-нагвалю (Воинский Опыт). Translated in draft, editing and proof-reading required.
Submitted for translation by Warriorskeep 01.03.2017


My dear friend, I understand your concerns very deeply! However, we can only DO what we CAN do! But we also have the NEED in these circumstances to be RUTHLESS, and not to fall into the trap of KINDNESS, an old shortcoming of mine that keeps coming back to bite me in the bum each time I FORGET that it is there! :) So in the spirit of ruthless love, my friend, let us look at each of the points you raise. To demonstrate what I mean, let us first of all again look at the example of Y.

I can choose to feel sad about Y, or in the spirit of unconditional love I can feel, "Good! I am GLAD Y has unsubscribed herself from the group!" Why? Simply because Y does NOT have the personal power required to tread the Warrior's Path and, as a result, also cannot materialize the required crystalised power with which to attend the retreats! Therefore even with the best will in the world, the longer Y stayed with us the more and more would she have felt somehow less than and inferior to, or just simply worthless and inadequate! But even IF Y had managed to scrape together the money to attend the retreats, in not having the required amount of personal power her ability to LEARN is still LIMITED to what little personal power she does have! Having only a little personal power, she can only take a little from the retreat experience! But for Y this would amount to a waste of both time and money! Therefore, all in all, it is for Y a GOOD thing that she has decided to leave us, and so she goes with my blessing, my love, my warmth and all of my very best wishes! We can DO no more for Y!

You also raise a concern about those Russians who would like to avail themselves of the teachings as presented by me, but who do not speak English. Yet realise that if people do NOT speak English then it is NOT their FATE to work directly with me, that is, here on Hunter's Lodge. But they HAVE found their way to YOU, my friend, a Russian nagal, which means that their NEEDS can be fulfilled by you! You may ask, HOW can I fulfil their needs when my memory is not yet restored? But, my friend, their NEEDS are NOW, and this implies that you NOW have what it is that has drawn them to you NOW! Therefore all that is required of you is to freely give these people WHAT you ARE CAPABLE of giving them NOW! No more is required, for as you learn more, you will give more, and as more of your memory becomes restored you will also give more accordingly! Therefore do not fret, my young friend, for in working with the account of man we are ever struck and humbled by the poverty of our human resources! It is a coffer that can NEVER be filled, no matter HOW much knowledge and personal power we have! In other words, do NOT make the mistake of assuming that having a fully-restored memory and the ability of the seer means that you are going to be able to fill that coffer! You won't! None of us ever do! We simply give what we can as impeccably as we can!

You also ask about the old blind woman who claims to be a seer. I have never met her, so who knows at this point in time? Perhaps she is a natural seer, as was my own mother! But so what? What DOES matter is her openness and willingness to learn! Work with that.

You mention pseudo-esoteric mad men and women who claim to be teachers. Yet you should know by now that our hearts never lie! Therefore if people get caught up in the lies of pseudo-teachers then they DESERVE to burn their fingers! You may argue that people have not been TAUGHT to listen to their hearts! And this is true! But, my friend, ask yourself who taught Toltecs to listen to their hearts? We had to learn this the HARD WAY, for in the beginning there were no teachers! Toltecs had to learn through trial and error! We learned through our own blood, sweat and tears, because for us LEARNING was an ACT OF SURVIVAL! This is why the Guardians of the Race have ever held the stance, "Do not come looking for us, for WHEN the student is READY the master appears!" Do NOT make the mistake of trying to support people ONLY because of their potential! Potential is VITAL, but of what use is potential when people REFUSE to develop it?

You say that after having been rescued from lunatics like the pseudo-teachers many of these people who have been burnt are distrustful and closed towards all other leaders. This is plain bullshit, my friend! There are NO victims in this world! We GET what we CALL FORTH! Being hurt or disillusioned is NO EXCUSE for becoming closed and defensive! If you look deeper into such justifications you will see the REAL truth, namely, these people WANT from a particular teacher what they EXPECT to get, and when those expectations are not fulfilled, they become angry, embittered, closed and defensive! I personally do NOT bother trying to win such people's trust, and my reply to them is always the same, namely, "It is not for ME to convince you of who and what I am! LISTEN to your OWN heart, and then make up your MIND!"

You ask about ex-members of my group who now wish to join your group. You refer to them as exiles! LOL! My friend, do you REALLY want such exiles, as you name them? If they proved themselves to be LACKING on Hunter's Lodge, what gives you the impression that they will not demonstrate that same unwillingness to learn within your own group? Is this not perhaps your OWN kindness of heart getting in the way here? Check your motives for feeling the need to support these people. BUT, if ANY of them DO want to fight their way back onto Hunter's Lodge, then they MUST find the WHEREWITHAL to get themselves to the retreats! Look AGAIN at the example of Y!