Acronym List

Author: Tom Campbell. Link to original: (English).
We need to establish an Acronym List (Список используемых сокращений). This is a list from MBT Forum in English. We might not use all of them, but anyhow it could be helpful.

Translations of this material:

into Russian: Список сокращений в книге My Big TOE (Большая всеобщая теория, Как все устроено). 84% translated in draft. Almost done, let's finish it!
Submitted for translation by kostyazen 13.04.2012


ADC: After Death Communication
AI: Artificial Intelligence
AUM: Absolute Unbounded Manifold
AUO: Absolute Unbounded Oneness
Big Cheese: Supreme Being (IUOC), CEO of NPMR(N). Looks after and manages NPMR(N) experiments
Big TOE: Big Picture Theory Of Everything
C: Consciousness
c: Speed of light (186,000 mps or 300,000 km/sec)
CEO: Chief Executive Officer
CNS: Central Nervous System
CS: Consciousness System
EBC: Even Bigger Computer (see TBC)

FWAU: Free Will Awareness Unit = IUOC subset
HS: Higher Self
IMHO: In My Humble (or Honest) Opinion
IMO: In My Opinion
Intent: <- See definition in link
IUOC: Individuated Unit of Consciousness
LCS: Larger Consciousness System
LD: Lucid Dream
MBT: My Big TOE (My Big Picture Theory Of Everything)
NDE: Near Death Experience
NN: Neural Network
NPMR: Nonphysical Matter Reality
NPMR(N): One of multiple NPMR systems which contains our PMR and other PMR(k)s as well as 'Other' subsets. See Fig 5.1, Book 3.
OMS: Open Minded Skepticism (omsing: practicing it)

OBE or OOBE: Out Of Body Experience
OS: Our System (a subset of NPMR(N) that contains PMR)
PM: Personal Message
PMR: Physical Matter Reality
PUP: Psi Uncertainty Principle
QoC or QOC: Quality of Consciousness (the more quality the less entropy)
QM: Quantum Mechanics
RWW: Reality Wide Web (historically known as Indra's Net)
TBC: The Big Computer
TM: Transcendental Meditation
TOE: Theory Of Everything
VR: Virtual Reality
VRRE: Virtual Reality Rendering Engine