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On Tuesday, September 1, the cozy cinema hall of The Belarusian Cinema History Museum hosted not only people who are interested in the future of the Belarusian Wikipedia, but also those who wanted to celebrate Knowledge Day in a special way and learn how to create knowledge themselves.

"The Wikification at Knowledge Day" was the title of the event organized by "Falanster" within the project "The Wikification". At the beginning of the meeting, one of the project coordinators Mikhail Volchak made a short introduction to the project: its history, sense and principles. He told that results of volunteers' and amateurs' work in Belarusian Wikipedia may help all society: from students to PR and from mass media to translators.

According to the plan, after improvised likbez, where one could get to know, for example, that Wikipedia is only the top of the iceberg and, actually, knowledge presents in a wide range of services of wikimedia.org, the discussion with audience from Sveta Ermakovich took place.

Despite the fact that it's always difficult to begin, the common idea to touch up the thoughts of participants was found. During the conversation, it became clear that Wikipedia's authors from different countries could interpret historical facts differently to please national interests and that Wikipedia can be a field of PR. (Special gratitude to nonexistent Petrus Brovka's scholarship described on Wikipedia's pages).

After taking the short tee break and sharing of colorful "Falanster's" stickers, Michael passed the word to Lina Mjadzvedzeva from Kinaklub.org community. She related how to create an article for Wikipedia "from scratch".

By the example of movie page with a cute name "Through the cemetery", Lina demonstrated that there are no secrets or obstacles in the creation of personal knowledge sources that are accessible only for advanced users.

By the way, "The manual of Wikipedians" can help to become "an advanсed". The main goal and present from society to society is participation in the crowdfunding campaign.

In this way without any magic and supernatural abilities consumer turns into a creator with a special wiki-karma, whose little initiative become a great deal, when his article makes somebody smart and well-informed.

May every your day be Knowledge day!

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Original (Belarusian): «А Вікіпедыя – гэта легальна?», ці Як «Фаланстэр» адзначыў Дзень ведаў

Translation: © Elena_B, DianaS, Whaler, Aliaksandra .

License: CC BY-SA 4 INT

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