About “Translated by human” project

Here goes collaborative translation of texts. To make it simple, people help each other translate interesting foreign language texts into their native language. It's mostly blog posts, magazine articles, docs, short stories and another materials licensed for free redistribution. (Soon there will be various formats support).

It's also sometimes called crowdsourcing. You can think of it as a wiki for translations.

Translating and editing goes paragraph-per-paragraph, just by editing translations of fragments of original text. If you dont like how some paragraph is translated or if you found a mistake, then you just can click on paragraph translation and edit it. Every paragraph can be commented, you can request help, ask questions and discuss phrases translations.

You can start public translation and get help from all the crowd, or you can bring together close group and do secret translations. Private text and translation can be vewed and edited only by you and your group.

All participant contributions are counted and recorded. In credits gets all participants by their contibution volume order. For that we are counting points of every participant in translation scope, but it can be counted in a various ways and can allow quest-like gaming for more fascinating translation, for supporting training and developing translation, editing, proofreading skills.

The site is still in beta. Some things will change. Some won't. Feel free to email us your suggestions.

Why we did it? English-speaking Internet creates vast majority of all content. (It so overwhelming majority that UNESCO is concerned that in a hundred years language diversity will disappear.) So, the vast majority of the really interesting content is in English. We want non-English speaking part of the planet too enjoy everything interesting and useful, that is created in the world in English.

Second of all, we believe that a million of Сhinese group of enthusiasts with a passion for language not only is capable of translating on the same scale as the professional translators, but, in some cases, can do it even much better. Judge for yourself, because even the superprofessional lone translators require editors and proofreaders, and the “smart mob” is able to proofread translation and find mistakes in times faster!

Translating the site to other languages

We would really appreciate your help in translating site interface to other languages, especially Spanish, German and French. Translators will be honored via reference and a link from this page.

If you have found a mistake or have suggestions how to improve this text, just edit it.